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Would you like your English or German technical document translated into French by a native-French-speaking translator?


Would you like your French document proofread to make sure it is fit for purpose?


Are you a translation agency looking for somebody to correct and review your pre-translated texts performed by a customized machine translation system?

Technical translation

I translate your English or German press releases, newsletters, websites, data sheets, corporate communication and marketing documents, PowerPoint presentations, and other documents into French.

years of experience


I edit your French documents for spelling, grammar and style errors and proofread the final typeset text.

years of experience


I post-edit your pre-translated texts from German or English into French. I have taken the SDL training program, one of the worldwide leaders in its sector, and obtained the SDL Post-Editing Certification. I therefore have the necessary knowledge and expertise to review your pre-translated texts according to your requirements.

years of experience

Energy and environment

Energy: renewable, fossil and nuclear energy, electricity and hydrogen, etc.

Energy production, storage and distribution: energy infrastructure, smart grids, etc.

Building technology: heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, sanitary facilities and electricity, buildings’ energy efficiency, etc.

Water and waste treatment systems

New information and communication technologies

Professional products: telephone systems, scanners and printers, tablets and computers, cameras and security systems, projectors and screens, etc.

Information technology: hardware and software

Telecommunications: data networks and infrastructure, storage and security, etc.


As a professional translator whose native language is French, I only translate (written texts) from English and German into my mother tongue: French for France or Switzerland.


To develop and market your products and services in France, you need communications that are clear, fluent and error-free. I aim to provide a quality service that meets or exceeds your expectations. If I do not have the right skills for the job, I will put you in touch with an experienced colleague.


I help you stay within budget by quoting fair prices that are in line with the quality and technical skills required.

Advice and Support

Getting a document or website translated into a foreign language can feel like a complex and intimidating task. I give advice that takes your needs into account and support you throughout the project so you get the result you want.

Security and confidentiality

Handling your data in a secure and confidential manner is my priority and it is important that you can trust me. I will respect the confidentiality of all information given to me before, during and after the project. If you would like a translation to be quality-checked by a second linguist, your source documents and the translation will only be reviewed by that linguist.

Queries and Availability

To make sure your customer experience is enjoyable and efficient, I will be your sole point of contact, from receiving your documents and quoting to handling any requests for changes during the project. I will listen to your needs and take time to answer your questions.

Amaury Lainé

Amaury Lainé

Technical Translator & Post-Editor, English-German-French

I am Amaury Lainé, a trained technical translator and liaison interpreter working in French, English and German. After obtaining a degree in specialised translation and liaison interpreting from the School of Translation and International Relations (ESTRI) in Lyon, I spent two and a half years as a translator and project manager at a well-known translation agency in Munich. This experience has given me a unique perspective and in-depth knowledge of the translation market. I have also translated more than 115,000 words, proofread around 475,000 words and managed 688 projects in over 20 languages for 29 different clients throughout the world. Now working as a freelance professional in Remiremont, eastern France, I help English-, French- and German-speaking businesses find solutions for better intercultural communication.


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